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Find below a list of popular hotels in Wildwood Crest with online rates and booking. Click on any hotel to view rates and discounts. You can then compare hotel rates, with other hotels in same area, locate hotels on a map and sort hotels by price, rating. Easy and safe hotel bookings:

  • Acacia Beachfront Resort - 9101 Atlantic Avenue - 2 Star
  • Adventurer Oceanfront Inn - 5401 Ocean Ave. - 3 Star
  • Apollo Motel - 407 E. St. Paul Ave - 3 Star
  • Bal Harbour Hotels - 508 E Stanton Avenue - 3 Star
  • Bristol Plaza Motel - 6407 Ocean Avenue - 3 Star
  • Coliseum Ocean Resort - 416 East Miami Avenue - 3 Star
  • Hotel Icona - 9701 Atlantic Avenue - 4 Star
  • Oceanview Motel - 7201 Ocean Avenue - 3 Star
  • Olympic Island Beach Resort - 6401 Ocean Avenue - 3 Star
  • Regal Plaza Resort - 9501 Atlantic Avenue - 3 Star
  • Reges Oceanfront Resort - 9201 Atlantic Ave. - 3 Star
  • Tangiers Resort Motel - 6201 Atlantic Ave - 3 Star
  • The Jolly Roger Motel - 6805 Atlantic Avenue - 3 Star
  • Villa Nova Motel - 8601 Atlantic Ave - 4 Star

Discount hotels in Wildwood Crest - NJ. Check above and make your hotel room booking now to get the best hotel rates for one night or even lower rates for longer stays, extended stay and weekly hotel bookings.

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